Micro-Welding in Progress. Please Standby.

This diamond ring came in with two thorough fractures that effectively caused the ring to open up. This in turn released the diamond that was once held securely using a partial bezel-set mount.

Ring is now effectively an open loop

A potential complication, the platinum bezel mount is soldered to a 14k yellow gold shank. Under further torch soldering, the yellow gold would have melted long before the platinum could reach the right temperature, so traditionally jewelers would have resorted to soldering white gold into the gap followed by a session of re-setting the diamond.

Ring is restored with the stone set in place

High-tech micro-welding permits the diamond to be secured in place while the fractures are stitched back. The welding fuses original platinum-to-platinum for a repair that restores the ring's strength.

Fractured ring repaired within an hour

Micro-Welding repaired this ring in under an hour. If there's more time, the stitched seams can be smoothed out further.

The next example that came in a few weeks later was a similar situation.

Fractured ring with a lost diamond.

This platinum ring also fractured thoroughly at a thin point of the stone setting. The customer had this spot repaired previously through another jeweler. The slight yellow tinge is a telltale sign that previous jeweler attempted to repair the spot using white gold and torch soldering. That eventual failure not only calls for a 2nd repair, but the need to now buy a replacement diamond.

A proper repair by Golden Crown Jewelers

This time, the customer brings it to Golden Crown Jewelers where a matching diamond is set in place followed by some precision micro-welding to ensure the platinum on both ends of the fracture fuses together. Some polishing and cleaning removes the scuffs and scratches making this ring ready to wear once again.