Micro-Welding in Progress. Please Standby.

A customer's white gold ring has become an old favorite but needed some updating. The round-cut cubic zirconia stone just doesn't sparkle the way a real diamond would. She has a real diamond from another ring she'd like to use, but its slightly smaller size would cause it to fall right through the mounting.

White gold ring, fake diamond, sapphire set with fragility

To make things more challenging, a previous jeweler has replaced a lost marquise-cut sapphire through glueing it in place instead of properly setting it.

Clever solution afforded by micro-welding

The fake stone is removed from its mounting, but the empty hole is too big for the new tenant. A 14k white gold spacer ring is fabricated and micro-welded into place.

Avoiding the solder and avoiding the heat

Four white gold prongs are micro-welded at the appropriate corners. The glue used to hold that sapphire in cannot withstand any amount of heat; especially not of a soldering torch. Micro-welding avoids all of that while providing direct fusing of gold-to-gold.

Setting the new diamond securely

The superficial surface soot is easily blown free and the process of using the new prongs to set the stone finishes in no time.

Upgraded ring by Golden Crown Jewelers

A little bit of polishing and further cleaning returns an upgraded ring with a big kick in sparkle to the customer.