Micro-Welding in Progress. Please Standby.
Antique earring with a loose screw-type backing

The owner of this antique earring insisted on replacing the weak worm-screw back for traditional posts. The delicate crystal mounted at the center of the petals at the front rules out torch soldering.

Microwelding converts it to post earrings for pierced ears

After removing the old back, a sterling silver post is microwelded into place. The earrings are ready to wear with greater security.

Hollow jewelery is inherently risky to repair

This 14k white gold heart-shaped earring is made with a hollow center. The owner prefers a screw-post backing, but as with all hollow jewelery, torch soldering is extremely risky since the heat can cause the charm to crumple inwards like an aluminum can heated on a science lab burner.

Preparing the pieces

Since hollow jewelery makes it impossible to tell which areas might be paper-thin, it's best not to touch the charm even with an advanced tool like the microwelder. Instead, the procedure will simply be performed on the original post.

Earring posts converted via microwelding

A threaded post is attached to a portion of the original post via microwelding. Not only are the connecting ends aligned perfectly, the gold is directly fused resulting in a union that's every bit as strong as the original post.