Polished Herringbone Bracelet

Much like all things worn on a daily basis, jewelery should be properly cleaned every once in a while to bring back its showcase brilliance. Off-the-shelf "jewelery cleaners" just won't do because they merely remove surface dirt. More aggressive types may contain a dilluted acid to remove surface tarnish from gold & silver making it dangerous for any attached pearls and delicate stones.

"Jewelery cleaners" don't address why all jewelery loses some luster over time: abrasion. The microscopic scuffing and scratching on the surface of any precious metal gives it an overall appearance of dullness. No matter what "miracle" solution it's soaked in, it might emerge clean of dirt, but the surfaces will still remain dull.

Golden Crown Jewelers provides fine jewelery polishing and cleaning done right. This service includes expert polishing of the dulled areas followed by a moment in the ultrasonic cleaner to release debris from the tightest crevices and finishes with a blast from the high-pressure steam generator. For jewelery worn on a daily basis, professional cleaning done just twice a year will maintain its showcase sparkle.