Micro-Welding in Progress. Please Standby.

Sometimes the price of a "cheap" repair can be costly. Especially when the repair has to be performed again or worse, if jewelery comes apart at a busy train platform or over a sidewalk grate. Jewelery repaired through Golden Crown's microwelding is jewelery repaired right the first time.

Disconnected hinge pin

A gentleman's white and yellow gold diamond bracelet came in needing repair. Further inspection showed why that particular segment sat crooked. Whoever previously repaired it never bothered to connect the gold hinge pin completely through to its intended side. Furthermore, the white gold center segment has one hole sealed with solder.

Preparation is key

In preparing the repair, the old pin is removed and holes are precisely drilled into respective parts of the links. A new 14k gold pin is fashioned.

With everything fitting perfectly, the pin is microwelded into place.

Seconds later, the pin ends are completely fused to the gold link while leaving the white gold middle link to hinge freely (as designed). No flames, no solder, no tarnishing. The welded area is leveled, sanded, and polished before the bracelet undergoes final cleaning.

Bracelet repaired by Golden Crown Jewelers

Another expertly repaired bracelet is once again ready to withstand a lifetime of enjoyment.