Micro-Welding in Progress. Please Standby.

During the 40's and 50's, the locket bracelet was a common item in jewelery counters across America. Variations of the keepsake locket strapped by an elastic band had always been made from a base metal with a gold plating applied. A customer had worn this bracelet as a child, so its sentimental value was off the chart. Because this is a gold-plated piece though, performing a typical soldering repair is absolutely out of the question.

Broken link on a gold-plated bracelet

The bracelet's broken link is the result of a pivot pin that wore thin. Due to the super-soft nature of the underlying base metal, disassembling and refurbishing the links would only create more problems. The primary goal is to extend the useability of this bracelet without bending/weakening any links and to avoid destroying the multi-color gold plating.

micro-welding saves the day

Micro-Welding permits the hinge pin to be extended with a piece of pure silver. The process directly fuses base metal to silver for maximum strength and all without raising the temperature of the bracelet links.

Extended hinge pin

The newly extended pin pokes through a hole made in the non-visible underside link.

micro-weld keeps link from further wear and damage

Some additional micro-welding of the pin to the base metal link provides a permanent fix to the bracelet that others have turned away.

Locket Bracelet repaired by Golden Crown Jewelers

No risk was ever posed to the childhood photos inside the locket during this repair. The cherished bracelet can be worn once again.