Carter at workbench

So far 2008 has proved to be such a hectic year. This centers around our move to the new Chicago Landmark Diamond Center a few buildings from the old place. We're only five doors away, but the logistics of uprooting and replanting everything takes a tremendous amount of time. Now that the workbench, tools and microwelding gear have settled into their new digs, it's time to focus on creating the last bracelet for the final Roadster Homecoming.

Hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry

With only a few weeks to go, there's precious little time to complete the Homecoming Bracelet.

detail of wheels used in the roadster bracelet

Tiny little white gold wheel with spoke detail. How small is it? Five will fit across your fingernail. This needs to have a casting sprue trimmed from the back, a hub hole precisely drilled at the center, and the tread area smoothed of any molding seams. Done? Great. Now to repeat that 35 more times.


The lineup of freshly cast 2008 roadsters in yellow, rose and white golds. Take a look at how they were originally created by clicking here. Interconnecting gold links are being cast... is there still time... maybe... alright, let's go for it....

freshly cast coupe

A prototype replica of the coupe is created and cast. It's pretty rough at this point. Next several days will be spent sharpening the details and perfecting its form.


Another shot proves they can literally turn on a dime. Rear quarter view shows promise.

Nearly ready for assembly

Over a week later, all the parts are finally shaped, drilled, measured, trimmed, and smoothed. The bracelet is ready for assembly by using a... what? ...those two up on the right? What are they?

roadster cufflinks

Roadster Cufflinks!! Fashionistas, french cuffs are officially back in vogue. These 14 karat yellow gold beauties have free-spinning white gold wheels just like those in the bracelet. DISCLAIMER: I am hereby indemnified from lost productivity arising from disruptive "vroooooom vroooooooooom" noises made in the boardroom.

roadster bracelet

After a marathon bout of microwelding, the Roadster Bracelet is further polished and ready for its close-up.

custom made box

Roadster Bracelet in its customized display box guaranteed to elicit a smile even when it's not being worn.