Carter at workbench

Shortly after the initial roadster project was started, the next logical step was to create an even bigger challenge and add more detail in its successor. Is that even possible?? Surf on, my friends.

Lets begin once again

Glutton for punishment or roadster fanatic? While pondering that, watch as a small piece of carving wax no bigger than a quarter takes on a familiar shape. Wheelwells are marked into the material.

Roadster is taking shape

Just as the previous roadster project presented challenges with demanding curves throughout the body, this new roadster demands just as much attention.

Progressing nicely

Underside is trimmed so that the chassis is now at its proper height. Material is excavated for the cockpit and wheelwells. Look carefully. Notice the body seam lines?

Devil is in the details

Rollhoops, center armrest console, bucket seats... I can't help but smirk knowing these details might be overlooked if they weren't pointed out with a SLR macro lens.

Lathing some wheels

A rotary tool turns into a makeshift lathe for creating wheels for the roadster.

Smaller than a quarter

Chassis, wheels, and optional link all easily fit on a US coin with plenty of room to spare.

Instantly recognizable to roadster enthusiasts

Final check of the wax model. Looks ready for casting.

Freshly cast roadsters

Roadsters in precious metal back from casting. See the grill detail and e-brake handle on the center console?

Ready, set, ADMIRE!

Surfaces finished smooth, polished to a mirror shine, wheels microwelded to axles so they can really roll.

Recipients initials are C.B.

Ask me some time who received the very first finished roadster shown in the center.

Yellow, Rose, White

Versions cast in 14 karat yellow, rose, and white golds.

Roadster trio

Add a healthy mix of other roadsters, stir well...

Homecoming Roadsters

...looks pretty scrumptious so far...

Rolling wheels added

Let's add some rolling white gold wheels, mmm'kay?