Carter at workbench

Two of the most darling granddaughters of a dear customer was fond of their horse. The existing horseshoe pendants out in the wild were mostly caricatures or overly abstract. It's time to make a horseshoe a true fanatic would be proud of.

Start with the carving wax

Looking at a few images of real horseshoes, the mind begins to envision the various shapes and features involved.

Determining the pendants size

A small piece of carving wax is cut out such that its dimensions serve as constraints to the pendant's final size.

Wax requires a gentle touch when carved this narrow

Carving an initial shape like this requires a delicate touch to avoid snapping the piece in two.

Precision hand-carving is a constant challenge

Hollowing grooves are carved so that they run equidistant from the edges.

Ready to shoe a miniature horse

Nail holes are hand-drilled into place. The wax model is unmistakably a horseshoe now.

Two bails are cleverly incorporated into the pendant

A tunnel is made at the ends of the horseshoe. This will permit a chain to slip through without having to resort to soldering any bail loops. The model is now ready to be turned into gold via the lost-wax casting process.

Casting sprues at the apex of the arc

14k yellow gold horseshoes freshly cast.

All polished up

Casting sprues are removed and all surfaces are polished to a brilliant shine.

Horseshoe pendant

A simple gold chain through the ends ensure the luck doesn't spill out of this ready-to-wear pendant.

Check out our updated version created in CAD.