Carter at workbench

Rough pieces of gold

The raw materials; 14 karat white and yellow gold.

Everythings cool when it fits on a penny

Time at the rolling machine transforms the rough pieces into uniform blanks. Itty bitty blanks that fit on a penny.

Hand-drilling holes into the gold

Holes are precisely drilled into the yellow gold. At this scale, there's virtually no room for error.

Shaping things up

The white gold blank is meticulously shaped using several progressions of files.

Nice uniform pieces

Moving along as planned.

Expert microwelding in progress

A bail loop is fabricated via microwelding.

Almost there

All the requisite pieces are in place. It's time to begin final assembly.

Final assembly

Microwelding fuses the pins into place without harming adjacent areas.

Fits on a fingertip

After some polishing and cleaning, the balisong knife is completed.

Pure gold balisong

Tiny balisong charm in action. (World's smallest, perhaps?)