Carter at workbench

Look around and search for a bell charm. Too many lifeless, flat, 2-dimensional rehashes out there? That's what a customer thought before she found us.

A tiny portion of carving wax is affixed to a jeweler's rotary tool.

The handtool essentially becomes a lathe permitting a bell shape to be turned. It's no time to be lazy and stop with just a basic shape.

The bell's inside is carefully lathed as well.

Now we're getting somewhere with this.

A two-piece mold is made of the small wax model. Note the casting sprue channel leading to the bell.

Freshly cast 14k white gold bells. The sprue remnant must be removed.

An impossibly tiny hinged clapper is created via micro-welding. Everything gets polished to a mirror finish.

Clapper and bell are assembled and the extra length of white gold wire is used to create a bail.

Finished charm can be used to represent wedding bells when clustered or any other festive holiday or celebration.