Computer Aided Design

A customer had an idea to incorporate some diamond roundels on the polar ends of some 10mm South Seas pearls. The only hurdle? How to create something smaller than a pea but retains perfect symmetry?

Computer modeling in progress

With all measurements drawn out beforehand, the 3-dimensional model faithfully follows the numbers. Due to the specific shape the customer wanted, this project is created with three pieces. The diamond settings are measured exactly to the size of stones that will be used.

Models can be rendered to look like a variety of precious metals

There are specific requirements on what pieces are white gold and what is yellow gold. The computer permits visualizing this before any real materials are used.

Accurate physical models via rapid prototyping

In just a couple days, prototype models are available for molding and casting.

perfect symmetry and perfect fit

The excruciatingly detailed & accurate model fits together perfectly as intended.

Rendered view of the finished result

Once cast into gold, the diamonds will drop into their settings and will be secured with minimal work.