Computer Aided Design

Variations of a concept

In the digital age of jewelery design, customers are no longer confined to picking out something that's "close enough" or restricted only to what's in the showcase. Two-one ring in a man's size 10 with a width at least 7mm? No problem. Here are three variations from left to right: fully polished yellow & white, polished yellow & satin white, polished rose gold & polished white.

Leaning toward the middle design but without cleft-gap in the center? That can be redesigned.

A final computer-rendered depiction is created for approval.

The data is transformed into exact physical parts, cast into 18k yellow and white gold halves, then fused to form the ring as designed.

Final detailing includes checking the surfaces for uniformity, multi-stage polishing, and lastly applying a satin (matte) finish to the white gold side. This ring is ready for the ceremony!