Computer Aided Design

A beautiful diamond deserves a ring that will best display its attributes.

Shortly after picking out a beautiful 1.5 carat round-cut diamond, it's time to design an engagement mounting worthy of the stone.

Vague hand-sketches are so last-millenium.

Some basic variations are created to easily visualize how the diamond relates to a ring size of 4¾. These computer-designed models can be viewed from any and all angles.

Anatomy of an Engagement Ring

Once a design is picked out, details are refined.

Computer-rendered image looks convincingly real

A computer-generated image is rendered in white gold for final approval.

Resin-wax model is ready for casting

The design makes it's debut into the physical world when a casting model is created. This model is excrutiatingly accurate to the design.

Freshly cast ring

An 18k white gold ring emerges from the casting process. There's plenty of work left to be done including trimming away casting sprues, setting the stones, and finishing the ring surfaces.

Finished Engagement Ring

A completed custom-made engagement ring with a bezel setting fitted exactly to the diamond.

Click for a larger view

Beyond the bezel, a large aperature is designed into the bottom to ensure the main diamond's lower facets get plenty of light. Experience in ring design considerations ensure this ring will sparkle brilliantly for its lifetime.