Computer Aided Design

With only a few weeks to go for his big wedding day, a groom was looking for a specific wedding band design. With computer aided jewelery making, the customer was given complete control over every aspect.

3D computer aided design permits variations to be made

The first step is to measure the ring finger for an accurate size. From there, the design he had in mind is refined into variations. The customer wants an exact width of 6mm. Here, several virtual rings depict differences between the grooves.

No material is wasted when creating objects in the virtual world

The customer can preview the ring in different angles and renders of white or yellow gold. The front center ring is chosen.

Comfort-fit wedding band is ready to make the leap from the virtual world

The inner band is shaped for a lifetime of comfortable wear. At this point, the ring data is sent to a prototyping machine.

Rapid Prototyping creates an ultra-precise ring

Within two days, a precise real-life model of the ring is on-hand for investment casting.

Prototyped model is used directly to cast a white gold band

The next day, a 14k white gold wedding band emerges. It's absolutely perfect in shape, symmetry, size and smoothness. Only minimal polishing is necessary to finish the ring.

A perfect wedding band made using advanced technology

With plenty of time to spare, this custom-tailored wedding band has been created using cutting-edge tools of the 21st century.