Computer Aided Design

A fellow jeweler had a client seeking a special anniversary ring. For the lady, two rings representing an engagement ring and wedding ring were to join in a fashion that had personal meaning to the client. A quartet of high-quality diamonds were already picked out along with an additional cache of auxilliary diamonds. All that was needed was a final design to make their dream a reality.

Customers actual sketch

A rudimentary sketch was provided by the client to illustrate the general symbol.

Variations to chose from

Since the four main diamonds weren't compatible with a strict interpretation of the sketch, variations were created to show the how the design would mesh with the stones at hand. At this point, the very ability to show a client live 3 dimensional previews is what makes computer-aided jewelery design so direct and efficient. The customer chose the middle design.

Rings take shape inside the computer

Measurements from all the diamonds are used in further developing the ring. At the same time, a man's version is derived to complement the woman's ring.

Virtual gold surface rendered for on-screen display

The intended recipient of each ring has their finger size measured. Those custom measurements are translated to the respective ring shanks. Within a few clicks of the mouse, the rings are rendered in yellow gold. Upon approval, the 3D model data is sent to an advanced prototyping machine.

Real physical models grown within a day

In this prototyping machine, the model data dictates a laser to fire into a solution of light-sensitive resin. The process essentially "grows" a solid model that's staggeringly accurate to every shape, curve and measurement of the virtual model. This piece can directly be used in the casting process.

Sketch turned into reality in record time

Once cast into yellow gold, the diamonds are set with minimal effort because the mountings were custom-tailored in the computer. Gallery openings designed into the sides allow the diamonds to sparkle magnificently. After some finishing and polishing, the result is a set of intimately symbolic rings produced in a matter of days, not months.