Computer Aided Design

Design in progress

Old-world craftsmanship and know-how meets new-world design technology. The sky's the limit in creating anything you desire.

Wedding Bands for the automotive enthusiast

Computer photorealistic render of yellow gold wedding bands with a popular sports car tread pattern. Optional names on the sidewall and diamond chips embedded throughout the lady's band complete the theme.

These can also be worn as a fun ring on other fingers

In this current design stage, it's still entirely possible to make changes to the rings insofar as ring size and text on the sidewalls.

Physical model makes its debut

From its virtual existence, a precision physical real-world model is produced after a few days. This polymer model is now ready to be cast into solid gold.

Polished and finished ring

A high-performance sports tire ring designed, created, and finished in 14karat yellow gold in under two weeks. Cost of prototyping, casting, and precious metals in this custom-made ring comes out to $895.

Physical model makes its debut

Whether worn on the hand or simply displayed, the intruiguing pattern is guaranteed to fascinate automotive enthusiasts and pedestrians alike.

Physical model makes its debut

An updated version provides greater comfort for every-day wear.