Computer Aided Design

Exquisite heart-shaped diamond

This 1.55 carat heart-shaped diamond sports certification of its F-color and SI1 clarity. In-person, this stone has remarkable scintillation. This carefully shot macro image doesn't do the stone justice. It's quickly snapped up by one of our best customers.

The idea of rigging together a ring using off-the-shelf components for a diamond this magnificent is unthinkable. At best, that old process would comprimise the stone's fit. Instead, a custom ring mounting fitted to the exact measurements of the stone is completed in our digital design system in a matter of days.

Digital design permits the mount to sport heart shapes instead of the tired old split-basket look.

Photorealistic heart diamond ring

A polished white gold surface is placed on the virtual model and a photorealistic image is rendered.

Virtual models allow the customer to visualize what the finished piece will look like from any angle. Changes to the ring material, color, and size can be made at any time without further wasting additional labor or materials. Next-generation custom jewelery design at Golden Crown Jewelers is a very eco-friendly process.