Computer Aided Design

57 point round-cut VVS2 diamond

Tipping the scale at over half a carat, this E-color diamond sparkles too brilliantly to be confined to just any mass-produced off-the-shelf pendant.

Variations on a round pendant design

The customer already has a general shape in mind, so variations enable something specific to be pinpointed.

Anatomy of a pendant

A chosen design is further refined with the bezel setting fitted exactly to the diamond.

Computer-rendered image

An image is generated to provide a more realistic view of how the finished pendant will look. This is submitted for the customer's approval.

Cast-ready model

An exact prototype is born from the design. This physical model is ready for casting.

Freshly Cast Pendant

A rough 14k yellow gold pendant is cast from the model. A casting sprue stub is removed at this stage and the surfaces are smoothed.

Setting the stone

With the pendant securely fastened to a setting grip, the diamond permanently nestles in the precision-tailored bezel frame. The pendant undergoes several stages of polishing and cleaning at the workbench.

Brilliant Diamond Penadant

A unique and perfect pendant emerges to showcase a brilliantly cut diamond. A large rear aperature and openings around the bezel ensure plenty of light reaches the stone's facets. All these computer-designed features enable the diamond to exhibit a tremendous amount of scintillation when worn.

Brilliant Diamond Penadant

Custom created diamond pendant by Golden Crown Jewelers.