Computer Aided Design

As demonstrated in 2004, our hand-carved horseshoe charm turned out well. Fast forward to present day and a search for "horseshoe charms" only returns a lot of cartoonish variations. Worse still? Most are designed upside-down to symbolically spill out the wearer's luck! Let's right this by re-creating our earlier charm.

Horse Shoe model creation in progress

Designing with the computer permits a greater degree of symmetry. Details like the extrusions at the heel-end are easily added.

Arrangement for presentation

Copies of the model can be positioned for presentation.

Computer rendered for photo-realistic results

The render process tells the computer to compute metallic detail, reflections, highlights and shadows. The end result is a photo-realistic glimpse of what it'll look like before it's committed to production.

Variations in size and style

The point of using CAD technology is the ease of changing up the size and style.

Rendered as a pendant. Click for finished version.

Another render provides a very nice sense of what it'd look like if worn as a pendant and provide cues on its relative size.

CAD objects also permit calculating its ballpark price. In its initial depicted size, each charm would cost approximately $225 if cast in either 14k yellow, white, or rose gold. This horseshoe charm will be appreciated by any horse lover, equestrian afficionado, or high-stakes gambler alike.