Computer Aided Design

Let's make a customized logo charm.

Artwork supplied by customer

A customer who knows exactly what she wants supplies an illustration for the design.

Wireframe construction of charm

Working directly from the artwork, the model creation begins.

Computer Aided Design rocks

A 3D model takes shape with all elements combined to create a solid charm.

Computer rendered image hints at what the final results will be

The solid virtual model is assigned a material property of yellow gold and a photo-realistic render is generated for approval.

physical model courtesy rapid prototyping

A few days after approval, a cast-ready prototype is created. Every measurement is accurate to the 3D model.

freshly cast gold charm

Within two business days, a faithful 14k yellow gold version is cast from the prototype model. The rough finish is a characteristic of the casting process. The raised center star requires precaution throughout the finishing procedure. Many of the accessible surfaces are meticulously worked to a mirror polish.

finished gold charm

The final result after finishing, polishing and cleaning — A custom charm with a unique design no one else can lay claim to.